From a game of Polo with a Headless Goat

Topics: Race and Ethnicity, Donkey Pages: 17 (2454 words) Published: October 11, 2014
From A Game of Polo
with a Headless Goat
throughout Asia researching and
filming unusual sports. In this
passage she writes about a
donkey race in Karachi.
We drove off to find the best viewing
, which turned out to be the
crest of the hill so we could see the
approaching race. I asked the lads if
we could join in the
‘Wacky Races’
and follow the donkeys, and
loved the idea
‘We'll open the car
boot, you climb inside and point
your camera towards the race.
the donkeys overtake us, we'll join
the cars.’
‘But will you try and get to
the front?’ ‘Oh yes, that’s no
The two lads who had never been
interested in this Karachi sport were
fired up with enthusiasm
We waited for
on the brow
of the hill,
me perched in the boot
with a zoom lens pointing out.
one hour later
I was
beginning to feel rather
the only action was a villager on
wobbly bicycle
, who nearly fell off as
he cycled past and
gazed around at
Several vehicles went past, and
spectators. ‘
Are they coming?’ we
called out to them. ‘Coming,
coming,’ came the reply. I
beginning to lose faith in its
happening, but the
Just as I was assuming that the race
had been cancelled, we spotted two
approaching donkey-carts in front of
a cloud of fumes and dust
by some
fifty vehicles roaring up in
their wake
. As they drew nearer,
revved up the engine
Comment [MK1]:
Title stands out, it is quirky, unusual and attention grabbing due to the unexpected and shocking imagery of a headless goat.
Game of polo is once again something the British audience would know about but the headless goat is an unusual twist to it.
Game of polo: stepping stone into the strange world
Polo and headless goat are juxtaposition- Polo has aristocratic, sophisticated and refined connotations.
Headless goat has very barbaric, savage connotations.
This piques the reader’s interest and causes the reader to wonder how this combination works.
Comment [MK2]:
Karachi: A place in
Comment [MK3]:
Immediate high energy start to build up tension fast
The paragraph in general is a promising paragraph although towards the end it does not quite deliver.
This might suggest:
-Tension management to build up to climax
- Reinforces the sense of unpredictability of an Asian country compared to a Western country Comment [MK4]:
Wacky crazy and wild.
‘Wacky races’ is the name of a cartoon show which allows us to: -
Imagine the extent of anarchy and the complete lack of rules alike in a cartoon -
But also relate to what it might be like in the goat race
Comment [MK5]:
Immediate agreement without any hesitation
Comment [MK6]:
Something slightly dangerous and unaccepted in a Western country but comes across as something
fun and exciting
Comment [MK7]:
Fast paced, relatively short sentences. Alternating speech structure (Them to the author(us), author to them)
Comment [MK8]:
Broken grammar rules- cannot normally start the sentence with a ‘But’, suggest a natural flow of conversation.
Adventurous spirits are expressed by their desire to seek adventure (get to the front) in the midst of the action. Confidence at being able to be in the front their lack of worries or concern Comment [MK9]:

Hyperbole of time, which suggest that the wait is long because of their impatience and excitement
Comment [MK10]:
Lull in tension which allows for a more exciting climax. This lull in tension is also created by longer sentences
Comment [MK11]:
Excitement is replaced
Comment [MK12]:
Comment [MK13]:
Clash of culture. The villager thinks the author is unusual whereas we(the author and the readers) mirror his thoughts, we too think he is unusual Comment [MK14]:
Lack of any urgencies, suggest a laid back attitude. Lack of any time clause suggest the difference...
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