From the Baroque Period Through the Romantic Age

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Donna Seiling
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Art Appreciation
March 14, 2013

The Baroque was a strong time of great art. The lighting and drama worked well with the style from the Renaissance period. Most of the influence came from the bible and religious background.

From the Baroque Period through the Romantic Age
Baroque Period

The Baroque era was from 1600-1770. The style from this period took techniques from the Renaissance era and added drama and emotion. Another style artists added was the range of light, accenting a focus point. Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio painted The Conversion of Saint Paul which is an oil on canvas. This painting was 100 ½” x 69” in which Michelangelo painted from 1600-1601. The man on the ground accented in the light is obvious to the viewer is Saint Paul. “The Church reaffirmed the mysteries of the sacraments, glorified the saints, and encouraged the arts as aids to prayer” (Frank, 2011). The drama is seen with the horse and him throwing his hands in the air. This is the first of its era, showing the techniques which fit the Baroque era. In 1600 Caravaggio by request painted 2 pieces for the new chapel in Santa Maria del Popolo in Rome along with 3 other famous artists. Out of the 4 Caravaggio has the most modern approach (Boston College, 2011). “The painting represents the moment when Saul (later to be renamed Paul) is on the road to Damascus to carry out a persecution of the young Christian community. He has a vision as Christ calls out to him” (Boston College, 2011) The styles within this period use styles from the Renaissance period. This art shows similarities to Michelangelo’s works but one of the distinct tell tales of Baroque era is the use of lighting and accents on St. Paul and Chris. Peter Paul Ruben painted The Raising Cross which is an oil on panel. This painting was 181.89” x 133.46” which Ruben painted from 1610-1611. This painting...

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