From Mouse to Mermaid

Topics: Film, Antagonist, Disney Princess Pages: 2 (649 words) Published: October 13, 2013
In this section of From Mouse to Mermaid, the author addresses the depiction of Disney princesses, villains, and grandmothers. The differences between these three character types in Disney are very evident. The princesses resemble dancers, the villains resemble antagonists from silent and classic Hollywood films, and the grandmothers resemble a mother type figure.

The author shows the development of the Disney princess from movie to movie while maintaining a build of a dancer. Snow White is a picture of a feminine protagonist from an early silent film, Cinderella becomes a sort of cartoon version of Grace Kelly, Princess Aurora picks up the traits of Barbie and Ariel starts to resemble Farrah Fawcett. The author is arguing here that the princesses take of the traits of the culture models that were around during their inception. This argument is definitely supported by the visual evidence that is found during the creation of each of these princesses. They were created to embody the ideal woman of the day and that changes along with the culture so they incorporated these new changes into the princesses. All of these characters do maintain the same body structure despite the variation of facial features and hair color. They all remain prim and proper in their interactions with others and are always poised and ballet ready. They all tip toe around and keep good posture throughout the morphing from princess to princess. The mannerly idea of a princess has not changed although the visual idea may be changed due to changes and additions to our pop culture.

The villains in these Disney movies are used to portray "demonic natural forces". Most of the villains are depicted after silent film antagonists. The princesses depict the morality expected of women whereas the villains are portrayed as women who have let morality slip. The author argues that the villains are the only females that are brought to life through closeups and encounters with the camera. I was not...
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