From Chinese English, Chinglish to Standard English

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From Chinese English, Chinglish to Standard English
The modern English trends to globalization and also manifests localization. Chinese English and Chinglish are two different kinds of linguistic expressions and of Chinese characteristics. Chinese English is a variety of English and Chinglish is a transitional language before English learners know English well. Finally, they trend to the same and blend in Standard English.

1. Chinese English
It is commonly believed that Chinese English is a variety of English. It is mainly used for communication and association between Chinese and foreigners. It takes Standard English as core and it is of Chinese Characteristics at the same time. “Taking Standard English as core” ensures that Chinese English’s intelligibility and acceptability as a medium of information. At the same time, “with Chinese characteristics” make up the relative lack of thinking mode of Chinese traditional culture in Standard English.

A. Appropriateness
With the development of the language, the issue of standard has gradually replaced by the issue of appropriateness. Although Chinese English mainly manifests the specific things in China, it should be understood and accepted by English speaking countries when Chinese express themselves. Chinese English mainly includes two types: the first one produces through calque and semanteme such as one country two systems, Chinese herbal medicine, and one arrow two hawks. English speaking countries are able to understand the meaning literally, though it didn’t arise in Standard English. Another type produces through mandarin or the pronunciations of Guangdong and Fujian areas such as mahjong, kung fu, tang yuan, feng shui and Cantonese. In addition, it should have necessary comments so that English speaking countries understand the specific culture in China. What’s more, it fills the blank in the expression of English language.

B. Chinese characteristics
Although English is the most widely...
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