FRM 171 Case Study

Topics: Drainage, Supply and demand, Aquaculture Pages: 2 (665 words) Published: November 20, 2014
Catherine C. EnriquezNovember 3, 2014
Integrated Aquaculture Project: A Case Study in the Laguna Lake Development Authority
Based on the case study, the problems cited by the author are divided into four categories namely Production, Marketing, Finance and Organization. For Production, inadequate water supply due to breakdown of pumps is the main problem of the case study which also causes improper pond drainage system. The poor feed production for the fishes was the problem for Marketing while lack of funds for the rehabilitation of the water supply system and high cost on personal services became the problems in finance. The main problem in the Organization aspect was having too many personnel which cause overlapping in functions. If these problems still continues, the time will come where the project will not be able to meet its target income, production and market demand.

The cited problems were really major ones. Without water supply system, the project will not be able to continue because it is about fishes where the most and basic need of the fish is water. Although there is water, if it was full of impurities due to delay in drainage of water, the project will still fail. First of all, the health and needs of the fishes should be well-addressed to have a bountiful harvest in the future. The health of the fishes also signifies increase in the sales because consumers want products that are fresh, big and at the same time cheap. If they see that the fishes were relatively small, dry and ugly, the sales will surely go down even though it is cheap,

The alternative formulation of the study is the improvement of the water supply system and privatization through joint venture. However, these two should be both achieved to ensure the success of the project. If one of these two were not achieved, for example, there was no private sector willing to have a joint venture on the project, the financial problems will still be present and...
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