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Nowadays, we people always want to have an easy and comfortable life. And through the help of technology we were able to achieve it. Since there are a lot of innovations we’ve seen and most of them are in the line gadgets. Now, here comes a new innovative product that would really intrigue us. This product suits the needs of the students and office workers especially in the field of taking notes or writing, and this product is the FRIXION PEN. FRIXION Pen is a kind of pen that comes with a new and unique feature, which is the ability to erase the writing through friction. It is perfect for everyday use at home, school and work, wherein you can easily erase and instantly re-write over your mistakes without any damage to your paper. It is also designed to fit with people who loves to write but don’t want to use white-out or re-write all over again when they commit mistakes. Frixion pen is light weight and very comfortable to use. It is mostly made of plastic just like any other pen, with a rubber attached at the upper end that is used to generate friction when rubbed. The key element in this pen is its thermo-sensitive gel ink that makes its writing erasable. It also comes with different colors (black, blue, red, brown, light blue, green, pink, and purple) and its ballpoint varies from 0.4mm to 0.7 mm. Frixion pen is divided into three main parts: the casing, the ink, and the cap. The casing is a tube-like made of plastic and stand as the body of the pen. It serves as the framework, which gives shape and strength to the pen and the one that holds the ink, and the cap. In addition, the casing is subdivided into three parts: the rubber, the upper casing, and the lower casing. The rubber is attached at the top of the upper casing and usually serves as the “eraser” of the pen, that when rubbed at the surface of the paper it produces friction and eventually erases the writing on it. Next is the upper casing, it is made up of plastic and the one that...
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