Frivolous Lawsuits: Lack of Factual Evidence

Pages: 3 (898 words) Published: October 24, 2013
Lawsuits are going to be filed every day, you can file a suit against anyone whether there is merit for it or not. We sometimes find ourselves in front of a judge for issues that we find unjust, Lacking Facts and merit that are definitely not meant for justice to be served but more of unethical reasons. We often call these situations Frivolous injustice. Frivolous lawsuits are normally lawsuits that will be brought to the courts lacking factual evidence and the outcome is that they have little to no chance of winning proceeds in the case. A case that is weak does not mean that it is frivolous it just means that the evidence is weak and or the facts are just not supporting the accusations. By Writing this paper I hope to show the difference and similarities between the two cases that are classified as frivolous lawsuits. Lieback v. McDonald’s Facts

On February 27 1992 Stella Lieback of Albuquerque New Mexico was driven through the mc Donald’s drive through by her grandson and she ordered a coffee she was given the coffee in a Styrofoam cup . Where then she spilled some coffee on her sweat pants and was severely burned. She received 3rd degree burns from the coffee. She proceeded to sue McDonalds for her injuries. Below I will list all the current facts presented that would be used to sustain her case in the court system. Stella was the passenger in the car she was not actually operating the vehicle her son was at that time. He pulled the vehicle over so that Stella could add cream and sugar to the Styron foam cup. She took off the lid and spilled the scalding coffee on her lap. Stella was badly injured from the coffee spilling on her lap she received 3rd degree burns over 6 % of her body and lesser burns over 16 percent of her body. She went over went 8 weeks of skin grafts and 2 years of rehabilitation. The average temperature of a coffee cup should be 140 degrees Fahrenheit but McDonald's quality control team said that they were told to...
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