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Reading - Writing Connections Fall, 2002 Meeting in 214 Douglas Hall Taffy E. Raphael, Ph.D.Office 312 355 4178 Department of Reading, Writing, LiteracyHome 312 666 7789 1234 Education Buildingemail Course is Designed for Graduate Students in the masters degree program, and teachers who wish to learn to integrate reading and writing in their classrooms. Students can expect to have a conceptual and practical grasp of integrated instruction, including (1) theoretical perspectives on literacy, (2) teacher as reader and writer, (3) teachers roles in literacy education, (4) literacy curriculum for teaching narrative and informational text (5) written responses to text, (6)classroom talk in literature discussions and student inquiry projects, (7) classroom organization, management, and unit development (8) evaluation of students progress Expectations for Participation Attend all classes and participate actively in class discussions and activities. Attendance and participation will affect your grade. Come to class prepared. Do the assigned readings before class. Due dates are on the class calendar and in handouts. Come to class with questions, comments, or concerns from the readings. Maintain a literature-response log, capturing your responses to the Alvarez and related readings, to be used in literature discussions. Your log is to be turned in on the date indicated in the class calendar. Consider your own literacy histories as you read about the lives of others. Develop 2 vignettes based on artifacts you have saved or can replicate to share in class. These vignettes serve as a basis for your Memoir Portfolio. Develop an inquiry project, using the world wide web and other resources, grounded in any topic related to the Alvarez author study. Create a unit for use in your classrooms integrating reading, writing, and talk drawing on both narrative and informational texts. Teach the unit in your classroom if possible, or...
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