Friendships Day

Topics: Friendship, Interpersonal relationship, Love Pages: 2 (646 words) Published: May 14, 2012

Discover the beauty lies within the alphabets of ‘Friendship Day’ with Syafiqah Zahidah.

Somebody told me that friends are like lilies in the garden. Some said, friends like balloons, let them go and you will never get them back. But others yelled that a friend is just like a cup of coffee, warm ,but sweet and bitter at the same time. I once read a quote said that friendship is like money; easier to make than keep. Different people have different quotes, different definitions and different sayings about friends and friendships. But, i will say that a friend is the one who walk in when everybody else walk out and a friendship is a single soul living in two bodies. Friends are precious, just like the air. Always there and priceless, and this is the reason why we are celebrate Friendship Day. Nowdays, Friendship Day is widely celebrated by the whole world with full of joy and happiness. Friendship Day was first celebrated in 1935 when the US Congress decided to dedicate a day in the honours of friends. Starting from 1935,National Friendship Day event has been celebrate in every first Sunday of August. Friendship Day is celebrated differently by different customs. For example, the National Friendship Day is celebrated on first Sunday of August while Women’s Friendship Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of August. In some other places, Old Friends, New Friends Day is celebrated during the third week of May. In the other hand, the whole month of February is considered as a International Friendship Month. In the other side of the Earth, my old beloved secondary school, SMKA Kerian, we celebrated Friendship Day on the first of August. Different places with different times of celebration ,but still, the whole world is celebrating it! Friendship Day is celebrated widely by the whole world to acknowledge your friends’ contribution in your life and also to appreciate their caring, love, loyalty and kindness in all the while. It is another method...
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