Topics: Friendship, Interpersonal relationship, Utilitarianism Pages: 2 (715 words) Published: April 24, 2013
posites attract, Aristotle strongly believes in a differing point of view that birds of a feather flock together. He strongly feels, as do I, that people with similarities and a common ground are able to get along better and connect better with one of their kind, rather than a complete opposite. Aristotle found that several people believed that there is only one kind of friendship. As a philosopher, though, he went on to explain that there is a possibility to have three different kinds of friendship, or three levels of friendship. It is necessary for there to be some sort of bond or connection in order for a friendship to develop, especially to a level three virtuous friendship. However, this idea is even true in level one and two, utility and pleasure friendships. The most insignificant, and short-lived level of friendship is a friendship based solely on utility, basically a friendship based on convenience. These friendships are self-centered friendships that only exist for the good of one party. Examples of utility friendships are business partners, carpooling, or study groups. I personally know that these kinds of friendships exist, whether I would like to admit it or not. How many of us would stop being friends with the kid down the hall if he was not the smart kid who could help you with homework? The next level of friendship is the friendship based solely on pleasure. These are, incidentally, friendships that last a little longer than utility friendships but are still not everlasting. In these friendships, the person is accepted and admired for the pleasure the person brings, whether it be laughter or satisfaction. Once the pleasure has exhausted itself, there is no longer a need for the friendship, and the people usually lose contact with one another. Casual sexual relationships or relationships with people for purely their sense of humor or some other trait are examples of pleasurable friendships. These friendships, once again, satisfy...
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