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Hello everybody, let me grab a handful of minutes of your attention and let me introduce you my best friend Nora. I am very glad to have Nora as a friend.

I have known her since our freshman times in Haydn Gymnasium and it is a pleasure for me to note that she hasn't changed a bit in five years, and is still a cheerful energizer of all our student parties. I always wondered how she contrived to find time for everything. Besides the evident advantage of having her homework always done, Natalie has always been - and is - a good mixer ready to listen to a problem and offer some advice. Not less outstanding were her academic merits, as this June she will graduate with honors.

Natalie is an amazing person, and on her birthday I'd like to wish her simple human happiness. I wish her harmony that comes when all the components of life are balanced: when daily work brings delight and in the evening you hurry back home to be with your family.

The quality of my best friend Larisa

Just think of Larrys quality, I can make a long list for it. For example, my best friend is honest, sincere, generous, kind and optimistic. there are three main elements in my best friend which I think are very important:

1. On the same wavelength: with them without saying too much we can always understand each other easily. We share the same way of thinking and the feeling of it is most enjoyable. It doesn’t necessary built on spend long time with each other however.

2. We accept each other the way they are: We don’t disguise ourselves with a pretty smile when we are feeling sad; always feel at ease to show our true colours with best friends. We know each other’s strong points and admire them. We know each other’s weaknesses and encourage best friends to overcome them. Above all, we are not afraid to let each other know the deepest fear inside our hearts for we know we can trust one another and share everything

3. We show our loving care by action: Always be there for best...
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