Friendship and Ones

Topics: Friendship, Interpersonal relationship, Virtue Pages: 1 (468 words) Published: August 27, 2013
Not all friends are there for you, it’s the loyal ones you should keep. Like stated in the kite runner,” For you a thousand times.” In life theirs only two types of friends, their either the real ones or the fake ones. Which one of those two would you choose? To begging with friendship may not be a very popular topic, but it is an important topic for the most part, because now a days teenagers don’t know how to choose the real friends. Also with whoever they choose to have a friendship whether their good or bad; the habits that they have are the habits that their going to end up showing in life. And those friends who you choose to hang out are the ones that are going to either help succeed in life or fail in life. Now true friendship is the real meaning of caring for a person who you call your best friend. They are sympathetic with you when you have troubles in your life. They also bring happy to you and help you to become a perfect person. . You can share your experience with them. In our life no one is perfect, so you need learn a lot of different ideals from others. Like for example in the kite runner, Hassan stood up for his best friend Amir in the good ones and in the bad ones. Another good point is that now a day it’s hard to find those loyal friends, and if someone ever finds one they should never take it for granted because later in life their going to regret it. Then comes the fake friends, which those are the ones that are going to make you fail in life, the ones who don’t care about your feelings , and the ones who are going to be hurting you the most. In the kite runner Amir ends up be trading his best friend Hassan in the way that he lets him suffer alone when he sees what their doing to him and when he hears the way his friend is yelling. And later he feels bad for being a bad friend because he wasn't able to stand up for him the way Hassan the way Hassan did for him. Like I said before when someone has a friend like that you...
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