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Jeremy Lewis Ann Salak English 98

Three Types of Friendships
There are three different types of friendships we experience in our lives. The three different types of friends are acquaintances, friends and a best friends. We all have people that fall in to each category. An acquaintance is someone you might know by name and run in to every once in a while but spend no time with individually and you have no emotional connection with them. A friend is someone you spend time doing activities with, like attending school, or gravitate towards in social environments. Lastly, a best friend is someone you spend significant time with and hold very dear to you with a sustainable emotional connection and you each know a lot about each other. After reading this essay you should be able to determine what category each one of your friends is a part of.

The most unnoticeable type of friends is your acquaintances. You might have met them once briefly through friends, family, school or other means. You do not really know this person as a person and you do not ever miss them or think about what they are doing. The only time you really notice them is when you run in to them again. At the same time, you could run in them to a lot or very little depending on the situation. If you met them through a closer friend or a family member, you are more likely to run in to them a lot more which can open the opportunity for a closer friendship to be born. The acquaintance is the first building block of friendship where often an acquaintance will turn in to a friend if effort and time is put in to establishing a personal bond with the individual.

Then you have a friend, which is probably the most common. You know this person well and you attend social events together and talk to them routinely....
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