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Lab 9: Formula of a Hydrate Lab

Purpose:To utilize mole conversions to determine the ratio between copper (II) sulfate molecules and water of hydration.

1 Hot Plate1 Wire Mesh
1 Small beaker1 Glass Stirring Rod
1 Electronic Scale1 Crucible Tong
Copper II Sulfate Hydrate (approx. 5g)


1. Mass small beaker (empty)

2. Obtain approximately 5 grams of Copper II sulfate hydrate

3. Put hydrate in beaker and find the mass.

4. Turn hot plate on medium high.

5. Place beaker and copper II sulfate hydrate on hot plate.

6. Very carefully stir hot material occasionally with glass rod.

7. Heat until blue color is gone.

8. Turn off hot plate and unplug.

9. Let beaker cool until you can handle it.

10. Mass beaker and copper II sulfate anhydrate.

11. Wipe out beaker into trash and wash out.

12. Clean up lab station.

13. Perform calculations.


|Mass of Empty Beaker(g) | | |Mass of Beaker & CuSO4 . nH2O (g) | | |Mass of Beaker and CuSO4 (g) | |

Calculations: You must show all work for complete credit.

Determine the mass of Copper II Sulfate Hydrate.
Using the mass of the beaker only and the mass of the beaker with copper II hydrate, determine the mass of the blue copper II sulfate hydrate.

________________g CuSO4.XH2O

Determine the mass of Copper II Sulfate Anhydrate
Using the mass of the beaker and the mass of the beaker with copper II anhydrate, determine the mass of the...
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