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Prime Minister Project

1. Name: Mr. Edward Gough Whitlam.
2. Date, Place of Birth and Education: Gough Whitlam was born on the July 11th 1916 at Kew in Victoria. When he was two, he moved to Sydney with his parents, father Harry Fred Whitlam, mother Martha and a younger sister, Freda. He attended Knox Grammar school and joined Canberra Grammar school when he was 11. At 18, he studied Bachelor of Arts at University of Sydney and graduated in 1938. Now Whitlam has two sons, Tony Whitlam and Nicholas Whitlam. 3. Date Serving as a Prime Minister: Whitlam became the 21st prime minister of Australia on the 5th December 1972. He served about three years as an Australian prime minister but unfortunately, he was sacked by John Kerr on 11th November 1975. Before serving as a Prime Minister Whitlam was a candidate and a backbencher. 4. Political parties and electorate details: Gough Whitlam was in charge of the labour party and represented the seat (was the electorate of) of Werriwa but then the Werriwa electorate was divided and the new electorate was Hughes. 5. Three achievements as prime minister: Gough Whitlam was a popular prime minister of his time. He had introduced many laws that were beneficial to Australia and its citizens. In my opinion, his three most popular achievements were; a. Introduction of free education in the University,

b. Introduction of a national health insurance system called Medibank. c. Introduction of minimum age for voting to 18 years old. Fees free education was obviously a great opportunity for young Australians to become a university graduated for free. Medibank was another major health system that benefited many Australian citizens. At that time minimum age for voting was 21 but he realized that young Australians should be able to use their rights of voting. So he lowered the minimum age for voting from 21 to 18 years old. d. Three regrets or mistakes as prime minister: Gough Whitlam had served only three years but he...

Bibliography: Century of Australian Prime Ministers Nations of the world Australia
Australian Prime Ministers
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