friend in need

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"A Friend in Need"

By W. Somerset Maugham

William Somerset Maugham born in paris but he was a british playwright, novels Short Stories . although His boyhood was unhappy after the death of his parents, Maugham become a qualified physician. but after The success of the first run of his first novel, Liza of Lambeth , Maugham gave up medicine & turn to write full-time. Maugham said that a writer can’t change life, he must only try to amuse his reader, stir his imagination. In his story Friend in need we may notice that he used the first part of a citation "Friend in need is friend indeed"

By karima
What event inspires our narrator to tell this story?
What is the theme of this story? Support your answer.
Provide an evaluative character sketch of Lenny Burton. (By “evaluative”, I want you to evaluate your own reactions toward this character as he meanders through the story. Provide more information than merely what’s written on the page. Support your views with examples.). DO NOT DRAW PICTURES! What is the function of Mr. Turner in this story? Is it effective? What are other possible ways one might provide the same effect in a story? Is there a surprise ending in this story? Why or why not? Are there any examples of irony in this story? Explain. Are there examples of foreshadowing in this story? Explain.

the friend in need is a story we really want to understand what behind the lines so we may answer those questions
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