Friedman Versus Drucker

Topics: Ethics, Business ethics, Applied ethics Pages: 4 (1261 words) Published: October 31, 2013
Friedman Versus Drucker

According to Peter Drucker’s, what is "business ethics"? Published in The Public Interest, he noted and addressed the moralist by stating. “To the moralist of the Western tradition "business ethics" would make no sense. Indeed, the very term would to him be most objectionable, and reeking of moral laxity. The authorities on ethics disagreed, of course, on what constitutes the grounds of morality--whether they are divine, human nature, or the needs of society”(Drucker, 1981 Spring). While, Milton Friedman’s article the social responsibility of business to increase its profits approach is the following. “Presumably the individuals who are to be responsible are the businessperson, which means individual proprietors or corporate executives. Most of the discussion of social responsibility is directed at their corporations, so in what follows I shall mostly neglect the individual proprietors and speak of corporate executives” (Friedman, 1970) Comparison and Contrast

Therefore, we would have to say that they agree on this one great factor, which is their overall responsibility to society. However, you can see that their approaches to handling it; It varies with some slight differences. Here in the comparison between the two parties’ approach to business ethics, you see the approach within their workplace with the modern day executives seem to have similar views like those that Friedman expressed with his “corporate executives”. While, numerous personnel and or organizations within our western society align with the views of Drucker, “everyone is equal (The Moral Decision).” As we review these two articles in more detail, we see that the main theme across the board is definitely one of the “Social Responsibility” within the workplace. Notice their approach on this concept; they address this topic with great measures, as it is the key to their organization complete success. Unfortunately, this holistic approach of morality within the...
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