Friedman Assessment

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Friedman Family Assessment

Friedman Family Assessment
The Friedman Family Assessment Model is an approach to the family assessment and including religion, education, and their health. This assessment focuses on the structure, functions, and relationships with other social systems (Friedman, Bowden, & Jones, 2003). “Family refers to two or more individuals who depend on one another for emotional, physical, and/or financial support” (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2008, p. 554). Nursing Diagnosis

Risk of illness related to overcrowded home because of living in a small trailer. This leaves risk of illness. If one has a cold, the other may catch the cold. Nursing can provide education on good hand hygiene and how important to use to decrease the risk of illness passed from one to the other. Nursing can provide education on use of alcohol base hand sanitizers as needed. Family needs education on wiping objects off, Clorox wipes are good to use on objects such as door knobs, television remotes, and sink knobs.

Risk for heart disease related to high blood pressure. The mother is under 26 and has been on medication for hypertension since age 21. Education on medication, diet, and exercises can be provided.

Risk for depression because of stressors in the mother’s life. The mother will need education for downtime for self. She can be encouraged to have family help out with children and may need counseling for anger on father’s behalf. Identifying Data

My family consists of a cohabitation family that includes mother, boyfriend/father, and two small children. An eight- year- old boy and a 10 month old girl whose father is the present boyfriend. The boy’s father is the mother’s high school boyfriend. The mother will be called HE, and the father, RG, the son, HK, and the daughter, LG. They live in Madison Heights, Virginia. The mother’s phone number is 434-473-5181. RG is the father to LG and boyfriend of four years to HE. HE, and both children were born in Virginia and RG was born in another state. RG works fulltime at Tri Tek doing maintaince work on machines. HE works in a hospital as a Health Unit Coordinator. She has been there for seven years. RG has a high school education and HE has high school education and college. She is in a nursing program that she will finish in December this year. HK attends school in the second grade whereas LG goes to babysitter during day when mother has school or works. The father watches both children when the mother works second shift and weekends. Grandparents help out on weekends watch the children too.

RG and HE have been living together for the past three years. Both parents work. He works full-time and she works part-time while attending nursing school. As mentioned, HK is the mother’s son from a previous boyfriend. HK’s father lives in Maryland and recently married with no other children. HK goes to his father’s when he is out of school. LG is the daughter to both HE and RG.

Ethnic background of family is Caucasian. They all speak fluent English. Extended families are also Caucasian and English-speaking.
Parents believe in one God and of Baptist origin. They do not attend church regular. The mother was raised in a Baptist Church and attended a private Baptist School up through the fifth grade.
Family social class status is lower class. They struggle with paying bills, managing both children, especially with childcare. RG makes the money in the household. He makes about $15 per hour and she makes under $12 an hour. With a baby and a young boy in the household, the mother states, “living pay check to pay check.” She has tried for family assistance and only able to get $40 a month in food stamps. She receives very little child support if any from son’s father.

Family’s leisure times includes little time together. The parents like to go out together or with own friends when able to get sitters for both children. This is about once a month to every other month. No...

References: Friedman, M.M., Bowden, V.R., & Jones, E.G. 92003). Family nursing: Research, theory, and practice (5th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Printice Hall/Pearson Education.
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