Topics: Monk, Ilocos Sur, Manila Pages: 2 (818 words) Published: February 27, 2014
In 1885, del Pilar and his associates collided head-on with the friar-curate of Malolos on the list of taxpayers. The friar-curate wanted to bloat the list, a move meant for the church's financial gain. On October 18, 1887, Benigno Quiroga y López Ballesteros (the Director General of Civil Administration in Manila) issued an executive order prohibiting the exposition of corpses in the churches (also known as the "1887 Quiroga Decree"). Manuel Crisóstomo, the gobernadorcillo of Malolos at that time, published the order by means of a bellman. Fr. Felipe García, the acting friar-curate of Malolos, aggravated the authorities by parading the body of the servant of Don Eugenio Delgado. In order to prevent protest, Crisóstomo, advised by del Pilar, addressed the problem to the Spanish governor of Bulacan, Manuel Gómez Florio. Gómez Florio reprimanded the fighting parish priest. Another incident occurred in that year (1887). There was a dispute between the indios (Filipino natives) and the mestizos de sanglay (Chinese mestizos) concerning the selection of seats in the Binondo Church. Del Pilar acted as the assessor of Juan A. Zulueta (Juan A. Tenluz), the main agitator of the group of indios against the mestizos de sanglay, which latter were supported by the friar-curate of Binondo, Fr. José Hevia Campomanes. MANY claim that neither Enoch nor Elijah ever died, and that they remain alive today. It is said that both were “taken to heaven,” and that they remain there even at present, living in the very presence of God Himself. Earlier, God had “taken” Enoch (Gen.5:23), and “transferred” him, so that he would not “be being acquainted with death” (Heb.11:5; note the incomplete verb form, as indicated by the superior vertical line in the CV). Yet eventually he died; for all of his days were 365 years. We are not told where Enoch was taken, or transferred to. But we are informed that God’s purpose in transferring him was in consideration of his having pleased Him well, and so...
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