Friar Laurence for Romeo and Juliet (Got Me a B-, Just a Few Tweeks and It Will Be Great =D)

Topics: Romeo and Juliet, Characters in Romeo and Juliet, Mercutio Pages: 3 (1160 words) Published: October 23, 2008
In the play, “Romeo and Juliet,” Friar Laurence is usually not considered a main character, although he has a large role in the story. He is also much different than most of characters in the play. Friar Laurence’s good character traits were greatly contrasted by the Capulets, the Montagues, and Juliet’s nurse. He is one of a kind.

Friar Laurence’s good character traits are expressed in two conversations with Romeo. First, he shows that he is educated by showing his knowledge of classic mythology with an allusion to the sun god Titan. His education is also shown when he was gathering herbs for special purposes, and that he knew what they are used for shows his knowledge in medicine. Also, when he uses the soliloquy on plants and on people having certain amount of good and evil indicates that he has a background in philosophy. With giving so much comfort and advice to Romeo, he shows that he is kind. Furthermore, when he acted like a father to Romeo through all of the drama between Romeo, Rosaline, and Juliet he was shows that he is kind. In addition, he shows wisdom when he says to Romeo that only old men get out of their beds at early times if they are troubled, therefore showing that he knows somewhat about human habits. He also shows his wisdom by telling Romeo that he must be slow with his love for Juliet, because if he rushes his love, he may not love her like he thinks he does. When Romeo accused Friar Laurence of telling him to bury his love, Friar Laurence is forgiving by explaining to Romeo that he was telling him to get over Rosaline, and not bury his love altogether. Again he shows that he is forgiving by marrying Romeo and Juliet in secret even though he is reluctant to. He shows that he is concerned for Romeo and Juliet by making sure that Romeo truly loves her, and that he is not just overly infatuated. Likewise, he also shows concern by making sure that Juliet loves Romeo, and is not just infatuated with him. Finally, he shows...
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