Freud's Opinion Of The Unconscious Mind

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topic in the majority of places but according to Freud it was so it is hard to use his theory now due to the fact of how we have grown as a society in certain topics. Secondly another disadvantage is that
Freud did most of his testing's on the same group of people, people from the same area and background. The problem here is that nearly always he would receive nearly the same result as his testings depended on the society the subjects are subjected to. His results would be biased as he has not compared with results with others from different parts of the world, if he had done this we would have a better understanding in my opinion of the unconscious mind.
On the other hand I believe that Freud was very correct with his study on our dreams and how
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Dreams normally show what we are feeling but not always in a clear way. For example we may be stressed but because we push our stress to the back of our minds and â€oeforget― about it, later on we may experience nightmares. We may brush it of and not think it has any importance but unconsciously it could be a way of expressing what we are feeling even if we do not know. Another advantage I find is his explanation of the different parts of our personality and how each part works together to make each of us individual and how it develops over time. Although I may not believe everything Freud states I believe that now-days it is a good base for future studies that may take place.
To conclude Freud's theory is an interesting look into the unconscious mind but I do not agree that it is a full proof theory due to the lack off results and due to the fact society has changed since this theory so a lot of what Freud believed is not correct now so it is hard to believe if the results collected have any value in today's

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