Freudian Theory

Topics: Batman, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight Pages: 1 (338 words) Published: January 12, 2011
Freud believed that there are three parts to a anyones personality. The Ego, the only component that one shows to the world, The Super-Ego which is hidden and is the conscience of the personality it plays the critical and moralising role, and The Id seeks to avoid pain or unpleasure it is responsible for our basic needs such as food and water. The Ego in Batman Begins would be Bruce Wayne since that is who he shows the world. The Super-Ego would be batman. The super-ego aims for perfection which is what Batman truley wants a perfect society without criminals. The Super-ego controls out sence of right, wrong and guilt. The Id is how he is very protective of Rachel Dawes since he could not protect his mother when she was killed. He is impulsed to protect her to avoid the same pain and grief of losing his mother.

Jung believed that everyone's goal in life is to achieve individuation. He also believed there to be three components which made up the personality. The mask which is the face we show to the outside world, the shadow which is hidden because it is the undesirable traites we have such as guilt or fear, and lastly the Anima for men which is their female side and the Animus for women which is their masculine side. In Batman Begins Bruce Wayne is a representation of the mask. This is the self he shows the world, the son of Thomas Wayne and "prince of Gotham". Underneath this mask that he shows the world is Batman who was created out of anger of his parents death. He uses his fear of bats to creates his alternate identity. Rachel Dawes is the Anima figure who appears thoughout the movie. Batman is contantly saving her from danger. This comes from seeing his mother being killed and being helpless. He associates Racheal with his mother and wants to protect her since he could not protect his mother. Anima- nurturing mother
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