Freud's Life and Death Theory

Topics: Sigmund Freud, Psychoanalysis, Denial Pages: 2 (437 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Human Beings will go to the greatest extremities for survival. Sigmund Frued’s life and death drive theory and defense mechanisms are substantially shown in the movie “Alive”. Many different mechanisms are exhibited throughout the movie, and tell a story of survival that is a real eye-opener.

In my opinion, the validity of Freud’s life and death theory is displayed in almost every aspect of the movie. One example of a life drive is Javier and Lilliana knowing that they need to survive to return home to their children. Another example of life drive was Nando having the courage and the want to, to set out and find Chile. One example of a death drive to me is when everyone sits around while Nando and Gustavo set out to find Chile to seek help.

Freud’s proposed defense mechanisms are well demonstrated in “Alive”. One defense mechanism present in the movie was denial. Fraga, the mechanic, had a negative attitude towards everything, and was psychotic. He forced himself to believe that there was not a chance to survive. He had no will to live and survive the plane crash. Fraga had another defense mechanism, regression. He displayed this by acting childish when he thought that there was no way of survival. Displacement was another mechanism in “Alive”. Fito, the ignostic, never would pray with the rest of the guys. When they thought another avalanche was coming, Fito, redirected his emotions to God and started praying.

If I was in the situation, I would have been one of the guys who hiked out looking for rescue. I could not have sat there waiting on someone else to save me. I would of felt worthless and useless if I would have just sat there patiently waiting. I would have been active in that situation wanting to do everything I could to survive. I think the character that I am most like is Nando. I think this because Nando knew and had the will to survive unlike some of the others. I would want to get out of that situation as soon as I could. If it meant me...
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