Fresno Fair

Topics: Livestock, The Animals, Education Pages: 2 (420 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Jacob Macedo
Animal Science 1
Professor John Cordeiro
October 15, 2012
The Fresno Fair
I have always loved my county fair in Tulare, CA. I love seeing all the different animals and aspects of agricultural together in one place. My most positive thought of my fair is educating outsiders about my animals. This was my first time walking thru the Fresno fair so it was a little different not being involved in the dairy barn. I was able to view the fair as an outsider in some way. This let me realize some major aspects and some things I have never realized about the fair.

Some of the things I saw while at the fair was all the signs above the animals that tells people all about the animals. Another thing I saw was all the different things kids and people could see and do like the petting zoo and the calving barn where you can watch and see animals giving birth. The milking barn was also a big thing that I liked. You were able to see how a cow is milked and the process. The pony rides let kids that have never gotten to ride a pony or be one the back of a big animal like that experience that. The high school projects that are made by high school students, is a big exhibit to show people what kids in agriculture accomplish. You can also go to the animal shows and watch how much time and effort kids put into their animals.

I was able to see how many people do not know very much about agriculture, how it works, and what is all involved. Having everything on exhibit helps expose people to agriculture. The fair offers educational tours that take students around the fair, through the buildings, and shows them all of the different agriculture related aspects. These agricultural aspects include the greenhouse, livestock barns, and agriculture pavilions. The big Fresno Fair farmers market also exposes society to local farmers and their fresh produce. People are able to see everything farmers produce and are able to talk to the farmers to learn more. The Fresno fair does...
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