Fresh Start Organics

Topics: Organic farming, Organic food, Agriculture Pages: 5 (1059 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Company profile:

Fresh Start has grown into a business whose expanded product range includes not only certified organic fertilizers, but also fresh organic produce, organic rice, organic coffee, organic free range chickens that are all also certified organic by NICERT. Other addition to Fresh Start's product lines are the Healthy Pantries and Natural personal care products.

Fresh Start Organics continues to expand while maintaining the company vision of being a vibrant eco-enterprise that implements ecologically, socially and economically sound practices in organic agriculture. As a staunch supporter of the organic movement, Fresh Start fully believes in the importance of good health, fair trade and environmental conservation.

Company’s Commitment:

Fresh Start is committed to bringing you organically grown food of the best quality straight from our farms to our food stores to your homes.

Fresh Start is committed to improving the lives of small farmers through fair trade as part of our social responsibility.

Fresh Start is committed to the preservation of the environment through organic agriculture, as well as the education of consumers.

Fresh Start is committed to developing a sustainable and secure agricultural food system.

The Company in the Market:

Fresh Start Organics is continuing to grow strong in the market of food merchandising and in the organic movement in the province. With the progressing efforts of the company, organic products in different forms and alternatives are being advertised and effectively spreading awareness of what was once a market only for the indigent, old and ailing folks. Its products are gaining ground in the market as its presence broadens and is being promoted in selected and chosen merchandisers that support the company and its goals for the future.

Market Structure:

Fresh Start Organics stand in an OLIGOPOLIC market where they have several consumers and belong in the stringent of small firms that control market share and entry barriers are present.

Supply and Demand Conditions:


Supply of the company is dependent on the productions of the farmers and various suppliers of chosen producers of organic and environment-friendly products. Aside from production, weather conditions and pest attacks may also affect supplies to the company as some producers are not located locally in Bacolod and certainly, organic harvests are pesticide-free. Time is also another factor of supply as organic farming consumes lengthier periods of waiting for harvest period and requires more hands-on assistance in the farming process.

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Nowadays, people are more aware of living a healthier lifestyle and its benefits therefore contributing to the growth in demand for organic products. Innovation and addition of the selection of products and produce also assists in the spurt of interest to the purchase of the company’s product.


Fresh Start Organics uses certified organic fertilizer, compost, vermi-tea, vermicastings, and indigenous beneficial microorganisms to enrich the soil and increase “organic matter”. They also use natural farming botanicals and attractants for pest control as well as incorporating the practices of crop rotation, green manuring, companion planting and cover crops Fresh Start Organics embolden biodiversity and rely on building and maintaining healthy rich and fertile soils to grow our crops. As technology for improving and advance organic farming continues to evolve, Fresh Start Organics is also going with the flow of the progress of better farming conditions that will help sustain farmers, producers, consumers and the company.

Future Conditions:

With further improvement on technology and expanding its farms and suppliers, Fresh Start Organics is anticipating to expand its market not only in Negros but in some parts of the country. The company is also starting to realize a much wider market thus...
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