Fresh Foods and Canned Foods

Topics: Food, Taste, Flavor Pages: 1 (372 words) Published: October 16, 2008
Eating is an activity that we regularly do at least twice a day. We live in a world where the variety of food is immense, and we decide what we eat and how it will affect our bodies. As a reason, flavor, health benefits, and cost are the differences between eating fresh foods and canned foods. The most notable difference between these two kinds of foods is their flavor. Fresh foods have great flavor and taste because they keep all their natural conditions. In contrast, canned foods lack a lot of its flavor characteristics because there are some other chemical products added to the natural foods. For instance, the producers used to add more salt to a canned of beef to make the product salty instead of leaving its natural flavor. It is logical that fresh foods will have a better taste and flavor because you will satisfy with your own taste when you do the cooking while the canned food do not give your own favorite taste. By comparing both types of foods we notice another difference. Health is a factor that affects both of them. Canned foods lose some of the original fresh food nutrients when they are stored. They have to be tinned with many conservatives and chemical factors that extend the shelf life and apparent freshness of the food, but could also become poisonous if consumed often. Moreover, canned foods will be expired in a specific time. Therefore, it is dangerous when you do not notice the expired day of the canned foods. Another difference between these two types of foods is the cost. Canned foods are more expensive than fresh foods. The benefit of buying canned foods is that they are easier to find, for example, in a supermarket instead of the market like the fresh foods, and they require less work to prepare than fresh foods, just open and serve. As we can see it comes down to a personal choice, based on the time each person has, the money and the importance he or she gives to his or her nutrition and health. Therefore, it is important that you...
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