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Topics: Traffic congestion, Customer, New York City Pages: 4 (878 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Case 19
I. Statement and description of central issue (1 page; 2 minutes) II. Identification/description of alternatives (2 pages; 4 minutes) III. Rationale for selection of best alternative (3 pages; 6 minutes) IV. Description of implementation plan (1 page; 2 minutes) V. Conclusion (1/2 page; 1 minute)

Statement/description of central issue
• Clearly states issue to be responded to with recommendations • Explains underlying tension to justify why this is an issue • Cites case facts as evidence to clarify why uncertainty requires attention Identification/description of alternatives

• Presents viable possible solutions to central issue
• Explains how each proposed alternative will address/resolve central issue Rationale for selection of best alternative
• Explains pros/cons of each alternative
• Explains why chosen alternative is preferred to others despite limitations Analysis
• Uses facts and data from case appropriately
• Uses appropriate techniques and frameworks

December 10, 2012
Group 12H
Kaizer Budhwani
Chanwoo Lee
“Our food is fresh, our customers are spoiled. Order on the web today and get next-day delivery of the best food at the best price, exactly the way you want it, with 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed.”

Section. I – Statement and description of central issue

FreshDirect was launched in July 2001 and it offers over 5,000 perishable products and 3,000 packaged goods through online shopping and delivery service to more than 300 zip codes in New York City, Long Island, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

The central issue for FreshDirect which came as the online grocery retailing business continued to mature is environmental concerns. First, because of the conveyor packing system at the central processing facility in Long Island, FreshDirect is forced to use lots of cardboard boxes to deliver the groceries. Produce came in on box, dry goods in another, and a single tube of toothpaste in its...
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