Frerie's "Banking Concept of Education"

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Freire's "The Banking Concept of Education"

We've all been students at some point in our lives, but how we are taught as students varies on the teacher and the technique. In the "Banking Concept of Education" it is stated that knowledge is a gift bestowed by those who consider themselves knowledgeable upon those whom they consider to know nothing, it also suggests that the thought of teachers teach and students are taught is old and outdated. I agree with Freire's "Banking Concept of Education" in that in order for a student to become a well rounded individual they need to not be suppressed but encouraged to learn and question different teachings.

First, students and teachers should work together to advance their education and keep students on track and interested in learning. In Freire's text he states "From the outset, her efforts must coincide with those of students to engage in critical thinking and the quest for mutual humanization. His efforts must be imbued with a profound trust in people and their creative power. To achieve this, they must be partners of the students in their relationships with them." (Freire 259) Freire implies that students and teachers must work together to challenge not only the students but each other. When they work together they are striving to educate one another, thus they both gain knowledge and further their learning. This type of learning is crucial for the success and movement forward in education. Frerie also states that "the students, alienated like the slave in the Hegelian dialect, accept their ignorance as justifying the teacher's existence- but unlike the slave, they never discover that they educate the teacher." (Freire 257) When students are in this position and they aren't encouraged to actively participate then they are wasting their education. If they don't ask questions and they just accept the things the teacher presents to them then they are not challenging themselves or the teacher. When a student asks...
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