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Topics: Trade union, French language, Energy Pages: 1 (207 words) Published: December 4, 2014

Maya Phares-Rendon
Period 2
French Current Event

Court ruling that came to light last week added to a French debate to whether or not the shops should be open on Sundays. Many workers in the stores debate that the shops could use the business, however the other side defends that Sunday should be a day or rest. There have been two major court cases, which help to ignite the debate. Earlier this month the store Castorama was forced to shut down fifteen of its stores on Sunday after being sues by a labor union. A few days before this incident Sephora was forced to close their store at 9 p.m on Sundays rather than their usual closing time of midnight. Many people on the side of having stores closes on Sunday are fighting for a balance between work and leisure time. Pierre Gattaz, The head of the French employers union expressed his shock for workers in France on TV. He explains how unbelievable it is the people want to consume more and the workers want to work more but they’re unable to. As a storeowner, if the people want to come in on Sundays to buy the products the store provided, why should they be able to?
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