French Revolution Timeline

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19th February: Director-General of Finances, Jacques Necker, presents his financial report to King Louis XVI. 19th May:Necker resigns his position as Minister of Finance. 25th May:Joly de Fleury appointed Minister of Finance.

July:The King Imposes a third additional tax for the period 1783-1786. 1783:
3rd Sepetember:France signs the Treaty of Versailles, ending the conflict with Britain over the American colonies. 3rd November:Calonne is appointed Controler-General (Minister of Finances). 1785:

August:The scandal of the Diamond Necklace AFffair tarnishes the reputation of Queen Marie-Antoinette. Necker publishes his views on the need for financial reform. 1786:
20th August:Calonne proposes financial reforms to the King. 1787:
22nd February:King convenes the Assembly of Notables to discuss final fiscal reform. 8th April:King dismisses reforming finance minister and appoints Brienne in his place. 25th May:King closes the Assembly of Notables.

August:The law courts (parlements) of Paris and Bordeaux rebel against the King’s authority and are exiled. 19th November:The King exerts authority upon the courts in the ‘royal session’. 1788:

3rd May: The Paris parlement states that the king has a duty to submit new laws to the parlements and that new taxes can only be imposed by agreement with the nation, as represented by the Estates-General. 8th May:The King tries to disempower parlements by redefining their roles and powers. June—July:The first phase of the revolution is often referred to as ‘aristocratic’ or Noble Revolt, referring to the fact that resistance came from the nobles in the assembly of Notables and the parlements. Note, however, that even at this early stage resistance came from other social groups, such as the urban crowds that supported the parlements. These law courts defy the King; town populations demonstrate in favour of the judges. 8th August:The...
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