French Revolution

Topics: Louis XVI of France, Louis XV of France, Louis XIV of France Pages: 2 (484 words) Published: February 18, 2012
The French Revolution and the Napoleonic Era
Maurice A Murphy Sr
History 114
May 3, 2011
Rebecca Loofbourrow

The French Revolution and the Napoleonic Era
When you look at the French Revolution, there are several thing that need to be consider; Liberty, Equality, Brotherhood, Hubris, Fiscal irresponsibility, Democracy, and Technology. Liberty was one of the many topics on the minds of the privileged, the peasants and the working class people, better known as commoners of Frances during a very violence and traumatic time. For years they were struggling for their freedom from King Louis XVI and from the political chaos, starvation and debt brought on by a corrupt King. Liberty means being freed from a corrupt and controlling government because liberty was a natural and inalienable right. The next part of The French Revolution and maybe the most important is Equality. The people of France were divided into three sections called the Estates-Generals. The first Estate was made up of clergy, the second Estate was made up of nobles and the third Estate was made up of the commoners, peasants/working class people. After the fall of government, the royalty/elite were benefiting at the cost of the commoners. Their taxes were cut or they had to pay no taxes at all, they didn’t have to pay due or tithes to the church. The peasants were being pounded with all types of taxes, there was no equality. The commoners had to pay double the taxes, tithes, and dues. The Brotherhood speaks of the Fraternity of people, the people of France had one purpose and that was freedom, to join together as one for a common cause and that cause was Freedom. Hubris describes Napoleon Bonaparte, he was very self confidence, overbearing and because he was not born of noble birth he would have never achieved his place in the military if it had not been for that. Fiscal irresponsibility had started 10 years before The French Revolution because King Louis XV and his great grandfather King Louis...
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