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Political science Project

Amendment Process of Indian Constitution


ROLL NO. : 917, 1st SEMESTER

The researcher aims to
1. Stud the constitution briefly.
2. Study the various process of amendments.
3. Study the importance of amendments.

The researcher hypotheses is that the amendments to the constitution are necessary because day by day the world is changing and to meet the changing situation some provisions of the constitutions need to be amended.

Research Methodology
As the research work for this topic is confined to the library and books and no field work has been done. Hence , researcher in his research work has opted the doctrinal methodology of research .For doing the research work various sources has been used . Researcher in the research work has relied upon the sources like various books and online materials is also helpful source for the research .

The present project on the “Amendment process of Indian constitution” has been able to get its final shape with the support and help of people from various quarters. My sincere thanks go to all the members without whom the study could not have come to its present state. I am proud to acknowledge gratitude to the individuals during my study and without whom the study may not be completed. I have taken this opportunity to thank those who genuinely helped me.

With immense pleasure, I express my deepest sense of gratitude to Dr.S. P. SINGH SIR, Faculty for Political Science, Chanakya National Law University for helping me in my project. I am also thankful to the whole Chanakya National Law University family that provided me all the material I required for the project. Not to forget thanking to my parents without the co-operation of which completion of this project would not had been possible.

I have made every effort to acknowledge credits, but I apologies in advance for any omission that may have inadvertently taken place.

Last but not least I would like to thank Almighty whose blessing helped me to complete the project.



A brief overview (or) The Features of a Constitution

Constitutional Amendments: Their Purpose and Importance in a Democracy

The Constitution of India: An Overview

Amendment Procedures in the Constitution of India

Notable Constitutional Amendments

The Present Scenario: The Validity of Constitutional Amendments

Conclusion: The Need for a more effective Amendment Mechanism


A constitution is a set of rules for government, which is often codified as a written document. Fundamentally, the constitution enumerates and establishes the powers and functions of a political entity. In the case of countries and autonomous regions of federal countries the term refers specifically to a constitution defining the fundamental political principles, and establishing the structure, procedures, powers and duties, of a government. The term constitution can be applied to any overall system of law that defines the functioning of a government. This can also include several uncodified historical constitutions that existed before the development of modern codified constitutions.

Constitutions concern different levels of political organization as they exist at national (e.g., codified Constitution of Canada, uncodified Constitution of the United Kingdom), regional (e.g., the Massachusetts Constitution), and sometimes lower levels. They also define many political and other groups, such as political parties, pressure groups, and trade unions. Non-political entities such as...
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