French Revelution

Topics: French Revolution, United States Declaration of Independence, Reign of Terror Pages: 3 (873 words) Published: February 18, 2014

The French Revolution was a period between 1789 to the late 1790’s, During this period, the French citizens razed and redesigned their country’s political landscape. Like the American Revolution before, the French Revolution was influenced by Enlightenment ideas, particularly the concepts of popular sovereignty and inalienable rights.

How did the Revolution start?

The Revolution took shape in France when the controller general of finances arranged the summoning in February 1787 to propose reforms designed to eliminate the budget deficit by increasing the taxation of the privileged classes.

The assembly refused to take responsibility for the reforms and suggested the calling of the Estates-General. The 14 of july 1789 a massive uprising in Paris and the Bastille prison was stormed, This was the beginning of this huge revolution.

On july 14, to obtain more gunpowder and more guns, a crowd of around 80,000 stormed the Bastille, and demanded surrender of the fortress. Those storming the Bastille killed a few of the 30 garrison soldiers defending it, the attackers suffered around 100 killed and around 70-80 wounded. The Bastille had been a symbol of authority, and people in Paris saw themselves as having taken control of the city.

In towns, tax offices were attacked. Soldiers threw down their weapons, and about half of the municipalities experiencing risings came under new leadership that associated itself with the authority of the people's National Assembly, while wielding what power and influence they could. In other municipalities, revolutionary committees shared power with the town councils. And in some places, townsmen were appalled by attacks on nobles, and they did what they could to maintain order, including hanging those they considered brigands.The Finance minister had promised to convene the Estates-General on 5 of May, 1789. ha also granted freedom of the press, and France was flooded with pamphlets addressing the reconstructions...
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