French Government's Rejection of Popular American Music and Culture

Topics: Culture, Charles de Gaulle, Popular culture Pages: 4 (1391 words) Published: October 18, 2007
The primary focus is the French governmental rejection of popular American music, as well as other components of American culture, in the second half of the twentieth century, derived from France's foreign policy with the USA, and it~ culture. What was interesting were the steps that the French took to protect their culture from what they saw, and continue to see, as the imminent destruction at the hands of popular American culture. Why does the French government reject popular American music during the second half of the Twentieth Century? This rejection is mainly because the French government believes that the American culture is 'culturally imperialistic,' its inf1u~nce in other countries diminishing their native cultures. And since the American culture is extremely hard, if not impossible, to control by the local governments, then foreign countries are threatened of being Americanized (Kuisel, 3-4). Because of this, this threatens the French government, and they are taking steps to prevent American culture from destroying the culture of France, both by limiting the entry of American culture into the country, and by strengthening their own. The French government, since the election of Charles de Gaulle in 1958, has been adamant of preserving their culture in the face of the increasingly-culturally imperialistic American popular culture that is exported across 'the globe. They have succeeded to a certain extent, and the French Government continues to strive to preserve their national identity through preserving their culture. Why Do The French Politics Feel Strongly Against The "Culturally Imperialistic" American Culture? First a common misconception about the French and American relationship must be denounced. Generally, Americans believe that the French 'hate' them because of the geological and cultural differences. Yet, this is untrue because the French populace indulges in, and welcomes, popular American culture into their country. For...
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