French Basics for Beginner

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French Course #2
Greetings & Salutations
A typical formal conversation might start with many of these phrases:

Introducing in French| Pronunciation| Translation|
Bonjour| bohN-zhoor| Hello|
Bonsoir| bohN swahr| Good evening|
Bonne Nuit| bohN-nwee| Good Night|
monsieur| muh-syuh| Sir|
madame| mah-dahm| Miss, Mrs|
mademoiselle| mahd-mwah-zehl| Miss|
Je m'appelle| zhuh mah-pehl| My name is (I call myself)| Comment vous appelezvous?| kohN-mahN voo zah-play voo| What is your name?| Comment allez-vous?| kohN-mahN tah-lay voo| How are you?| Très bien.| treh byaN| Very well|

Pas mal.| pah mahl| Not bad|
Comme ci comme ça| kohm see kohm sah| So so|
a demain| Ah duh-meng| see you tomorrow|
Au revoir| ahr ahv-wah| Bye|

Two people—Monsieur ABC and Monsieur XYZ—are meeting for the first time:

• Monsieur ABC: Bonjour. Comment vous appelez-vous ?
• Monsieur XYZ: Je m'appelle XYZ. Et vous ?
• Monsieur ABC: Moi, je suis ABC. Enchante.
• Monsieur XYZ: Enchante.

•Mr. ABC: Hello. What is your name?
•Mr. XYZ: My name is XYZ. And you?
•Mr. ABC: Me, I am ABC. Nice to meet you.
•Mr. XYZ: Nice to meet you.

**Learning any new language requires some commitment, generally long-term. Remember that, like any skill, it requires a certain amount of effort. And if you do not practice your French regularly, it is highly likely that you will begin to forget it. Try to make it a part of your schedule; even if it's not daily, at least make it regular.

Note: Doubts & Corrections are welcome. Mail me… Happy to Help!!

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Singular Nouns

The nouns shown below are very easy to mark because they obviously refer to males or females:

Gender-Obvious Nouns

Masculine Noun            | Pronunciation  | English| Feminine Noun| Pronunciation  | English| le père| luh pehr| father| la mère| lah mehr| mother| le grand-père| luh grahN-pehr| grandfather| la grand-mère| lah...
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