French Architecture

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French Architecture
France is a country rich in architecture. You can spend all your days day walking through the streets of Paris, or any other region, visiting the museums, and taking pictures next to one of the many impressive monuments. France has many old monuments and some of them they are in well good condition like the Maison Carrée and the Pont du Gard near Nîmes.

The Carolingian dynasty of Charlemagne was a period of innovative buildings, using the Romanesque architecture, which gave rise to the architecture of the Romanesque period. Many works of art were constructed in France during this period such as Gothic style cathedrals, an example of which is Chartres Cathedral, St. Sernin, Toulouse and Ste-Madeleine Church Vézelay. The term Romanesque comes from the buildings of the Roman Empire. The Romanesque style incorporates elements of Byzantine and Eastern origin and it is thought to have been a response to the needs of monasteries and churches, with the stone vault being one of the most successful Romanesque innovations. Each region has its own Romanesque style which reflects the regional traditions and customs The Benedictine monastery church at Cluny in Burgundy is the largest and most important Romanesque building in France. Cluny was once the center of the Benedictine order in France.

The Gothic style began in the twelveth century, and had as a base the Romanesque style. During this period France had become a center of commerce, and many cathedrals with Gothic style were constructed with the donations of mercantile interests. By the thirteenth century The Gothic style had become the Universal style in all of Europe, and was the first French style to be used in all Europe. The most important example of Gothic style is the church of Saint-Denis, near Paris, built between 1137 and 1144. But there are also other churches built in this style in Noyon, Senlis, Sens, Reims, Rouen and Laon,...
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