French and Indian War

Topics: Thirteen Colonies, American Revolution, French and Indian War Pages: 4 (1494 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Following the French and Indian war of 1754-1763, the French withdrew from the North American continent, leaving large amounts of the land to both Great Britain and Spain. Up until the late 1760’s, the British and the colonists held a strong relationship, as well as being united against the threat of the French and their Indian allies. During this time, the British had a very calm and safe ruling approach in the colonies, contrasting from their ruling approach years after. As the French no longer were present on the frontier, the British began asserting more power over the colonists affecting both politics within the colonies, as well as land acquisition.

The British colonists desperately wanted control over the Ohio River Valley, and were willing to go to high expenses to do so, leading up to the French and Indian war. The dispute over land control strung out into a 9-year war. Because of the British falling short in numbers, the colonists made a very influential decision to join forces with the Iroquois. Britain’s close ties with the Iroquois because of trade history make them successful in receiving the help needed to come out of the French and Indian war with success. By winning the French and Indian War, the colonists finally gain control over the land they’ve been longing for.

As the British end the war and believe they finally have the opportunity to settle onto the land they fought for, Pontiac’s Rebellion comes into play. After the French and Indian War, many tribes believed their land was taken from them. Furious, they come together in an attempt to drive British soldiers and settlers out of the region, an event known as Pontiac’s Uprising. Though their attempt to force British forces off the Ohio River Valley was a failure, it prompted the British to modify policies provoking the conflict, in a sense turning the many tribes’ failures into success. Though it was a simple solution to the British, saving them time, effort and money, it also...
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