French and Indian War

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The French and Indian War altered the political, economic, and ideological relations between Britain and American colonies. Ideologically, this War brought up resentment toward Britain this changed the political relationship between Britain and its colonists because the British were forced to unfairly tax them due to their debt. The French and Indian war transformed North America by only leaving the British and the colonists left in their region. Greedy as the British were they did not treat the colonists fair by taxing them lead to resentment that lead to the American Revolution.

After the French and Indian War, North America completely changed. Before 1754 English, French, Spanish, and the Russians had a portion of North America that they had power over. After 1763 the French were completely left out and had no land at all. (Document A) This impacted Britain and American colonists politically because it lead to the Proclamation of 1763 where Native Americans believed that the white people were not allowed to settle in their land that they had inhabited for hundreds of years. (Document .B) Britain thought that with the proclamation everything would turn out great, but it did not it just angered the colonists. They were angry because they believed they had no freedom.

After the French and Indian War, England had to pay off a huge debt that had been accumulating over the years. The only way they saw to pay this was to regulate trade meaning that they would have fully control and know who and what they are trading with, and to tax everything. Britain made these changes and angered the colonists even more because the colonists felt it was not fair that all of a sudden they started taxing everything. (Document F)

Taxation had a huge impact on the economic relationship between the colonists and their mother country because many of these acts forced the Americans to ship their raw materials to Britain, only to...
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