French and Hatian Revolutions Similarities and Differences

Topics: French Revolution, Estates of the realm, Haiti Pages: 3 (941 words) Published: March 14, 2013
Douglas Tong
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Between 1750 and 1870, countries such as France and Haiti experienced dramatic economic, political, and social changes through Revolutions. A revolution occurs when change is desired by people who were mistreated and for this reason, the French and Haitian revolution occurred, leading to many different governmental changes such as the first republic of France and the rule of Napoleon, and the free republic and independent nation established by Haiti. They also led to many similar government changes such as an establishment of a constitution granting rights and citizenship to people, creating more equality in society.

The French Revolution occurred when the social class was divided into three estates. The first estate consisted of clergymen and priests. The first estate consisted of clergymen and priests. The second estate consisted of noblemen and the third estate consisted of workers. Long were they divided, however, the first and second estate had many more advantages over the third estate. The first and second estate did not have to pay taxes and could enjoy luxurious products while the third estate paid all the taxes and some could not even afford everyday needs such as clothes, food, and water. The third estate desired equality in treatment and started the French revolution by taking immediate action by declaring themselves the National Assembly and storming the wealthy palace where the king lived. Along with Jacobins and woman, they successfully took control The National Assembly strived to overthrow the nobles and was successful in doing so for the time . However when the revolution ended, problems did not fully end. When they were finally able to gain control, the national convention- the new legislature of the new First Republic of France- convened in September. Almost all of its members were from the middle class and Jacobins. However deep political differences, separated moderate Jacobins - called "Girondists" and...
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