Topics: The Most Dangerous Game, Hunting, Escape Pages: 3 (1020 words) Published: May 28, 2014
Allen Alemania
Period 5
Mr. Tanguay
The Most Dangerous Game
1. Rainsford is uncompassionate, this is seen when he’s talking to Whitney. “‘Don’t talk rot, Whitney.’ Said Rainsford. ‘You’re a big game hunter not a philosopher. Who cares how a jaguar feels’ ”.This shows how he’s uncompassionate because he takes no account for how the animals feel. It’s all about the sport. He is also a very proud person. This is seen when he boasts about his sport, hunting, and how it’s the best sport in the word. Rainsford is also courageous. This is seen when he is not deterred by the superstition that surrounds Ship Trap Island. He could also be perceived as strong when he swims to the shore after he is thrown off the boat. This is seen as strong because such a feat would be seen as impossible in open waters. 2. One way the author foreshadows that something is going to happen was the name of the island. The name ‘Ship-Trap Island’ implies that the ship might crash or that they might become stranded on the island. The superstition that surrounds the island also foreshadows that something bad may happen. If there were enough incidents to create a whole superstition about the island then the problem must reoccur fairly often. If it happens often then what’s there to say that it won’t happen to Rainsford. You could also take the sudden change of emotion from Rainsford as foreshadowing. This is seen when he has a ‘mental chill; a sort of sudden dread’ as they neared the island. This leads us to believe that once they’re passing the island something bad may happen. Finally, the three gunshots heard by Rainsford would be one of the bigger events that foreshadows something unusual may happen. The gunshots mean that there is someone on the island, but not only that, this person just killed something. 3. Zaroff chose this island because of its reputation. The island is naturally known to crash ships, hence the name Ship-Trap Island, and the crashed ships...
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