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Jacob Stauffer
Eng Comp 1213
Pedagogy Of The Oppressed by Paulo Freire. New York: Continuum Books, 1993 The author of this article, written in 1970, on the Brazilian educational system details the overwhelming oppression teachers place upon students. Paulo Freire believes that education is suffering from narration sickness. He outlines his belief that teachers deposit information into the students and they memorize and regurgitate the information on command. In the process the students are unknowingly being oppressed, like slaves. He believes the system is a big mechanical machine, which, he describes as the banking system. It is a system that views students as mere mindless objects. A system that does not promote creativity or thinking outside the box. Every piece of knowledge and power lies within the teachers. He attempts to berate the entire educational system in Brazil. Painting teachers like kings and students as narrow minded souls who simply exist in their created world. As if, the teachers provocatively hold the knowledge over the students heads and the students writhe in discomfort, desperate to obtain any ounce of material that their kings have chosen to bestow upon them. If Freire were to be reading his article aloud, it appears as if a person could physically see the venom coming out of his mouth. Ultimately, Freire would like to see a system where the learning is more balanced and fluid. Teachers need to have the mindset that they can learn as much from the students as the students can learn from them. If they were to drop the regimental structure of education that he thinks has plagued the system since its inception, then the oppression

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Summary - Freire
would no longer grasp the students and creative thinking and learning will thrive. In Freires point of view, if individuals stand up to oppose the system, it will ultimately lead to another form of dehumanization. Humanization is the key...
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