Freewriting And Process Writing

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Freewriting and Process Writing
In the book English Composition 1 written by Elbow and Belanoff and edited by Mary Dahlin, it discusses the importance of freewriting and process writing. The book states several reasons as to why both forms of writing are a necessary component for formulating and composing the most mature and professional writing piece. They start out by stating the reasons for having freewriting be part of our writing processes, and then go on to explain the instances and circumstances in which it becomes valuable. This process is repeated for process writing. The first thing the book attempts to do is establish the importance and necessity of freewriting. Stating that free writing as the name suggests tends to free the writer from the burden of trying to please others and making your paper worthy of being graded. Freewriting requires little to no thinking, and merely requires one to write down what comes to mind despite the incoherency and nonsensicality that may come from it. Therefore, as the book says it “ removes all the difficulties of regular writing.”(15) Essentially, it still requires something to be written, but in the setting of utmost security and confidentiality. The book then goes on to explain the situations in which freewriting can be helpful. For instance it suggests that in the case of a brainstorming dilemma one can use freewriting to free the mind and generate ideas. The book also cites an article in the Official United States Coast Guard writing guide, that purports and supports the idea of freewriting(17).

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