Freedom Writers

Topics: Freedom Writers, Hilary Swank, Erin Gruwell Pages: 4 (1350 words) Published: April 16, 2012
Room 203: Here It Matters
In Long Beach, California, a war is raging. You can’t always see it, but its soldiers know it’s there. You need to go and watch “Freedom Writers” right this instant. In this heartwarming movie, Hillary Swank plays quirky school teacher Erin Gruwell who, alongside her unsupportive husband (played by Patrick Dempsey) attempts to make history with her class of integration students, played by April Lee Hernández, Jaclyn Ngan, Armand Jones and many more. The movie plays for 122 minutes of pure joy and raw emotion, where we get to see wonderful changes in the most unlikely people. The film was directed by Richard LaGravanese and released by Paramount Pictures on January 5th, 2007. “The Freedom Writers” is an emotional drama, filled to the brim with suspense and hope that will leave its viewers in a state of mixed emotion.

In the movie, there is a war being fought in Long Beach between the Blacks, Latinas and Asians and it seems irresolvable. On Erin Gruwell’s first day teaching at Wilson High, words are being spat out and fights are erupting, she sees that the students do truly hate each other. She then makes it her mission to teach the students of room 203 about respect, about dignity, and what it will really mean when you fight for “your own” or die trying. Through Snoop Dog and Tupac, the peppy teacher somehow gets through to her students and learns that each and every one of them has been somehow affected by gangs and gang violence. Throughout freshman and sophomore year, the students of Erin’s English class find themselves respecting her, and respecting each other, which shocks them all. They are taught to write in a diary, which showed them that it doesn’t matter what is read, but what has been written. The school seems to have finally found peace within itself and room 203, but disaster strikes when we find out that Erin is not allowed to teach junior and senior years, and that her students must go on without her. Does this mean...
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