Freedom Writers

Topics: Freedom Writers, Erin Gruwell, Hilary Swank Pages: 2 (777 words) Published: September 1, 2011
  Freedom Writers Essay
            In the Freedom writers, Eva had to go through a lot, especially when she was a young girl. She will always remember the time when she saw her next door neighbor get shot for no apparent reason, just because of his race.  Also a few minutes the cops took her father away, but they had no reason they just felt like arresting a Mexican. I think that by Eva seeing all of this at such a young age made her into a tough girl that wouldn’t be afraid of anything and always stick up her herself. She would use her bare hands as her weapons and her protection it was a rough world out there for her and many others. Once Ms. Gruwell shows up, she makes a big change in Eva’s life and most of the student’s lives. Eva was a girl who would only stick up for “her people” but as time passes by she starts to change her ways, and think about other races and individuals and on how they feel. She had a real big impact on Eva’s life but in a good way. Eva was a nice and caring person at the end of the story, she has now learned how to accept others it doesn’t matter what their skin color may be. Eva use to be girl that wouldn’t want to talk to anyone except for the Mexicans and Ms. Gruwell had the ability to change all of that in just a few months. Her and the other student’s now feel like a family and room 201 is like a home for everyone, they know that it will always be there for them. The Freedom Writers are now ready for the world and any challenge that it throws at them. And they have also proved all of the teachers and especially the librarian woman. Eva is now a hard working student that wants to do great things in her life to help others. Ms. Gruwell influenced her and many others to do good in our world.Marcus got kicked out of his house by his mother for joining a gang, I think he joined this gang because he made it seem like he had power and that he was a man maybe because he had a gun. Marcus was always one of those kids that would have...
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