Freedom Writers

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Freedom Writers

Final Exam

Antonisha Duncan

After watching the movie “Freedom Writers” I was almost in tears. The movie had an extreme impact on me. It was more like a confirmation that what the goals that I want to reach are not too far out of sight. Mrs. G in my eyes was and is a hero. She went into a school in which she would be one of the only minorities and made a huge impact. Despite the barrier that was between her and her students, she still conquered her goal. Which, was to show her students that no matter what their circumstances currently are, they are somebody. She realized that all kids cannot be taught the same way. Instead of giving up on them she found a common ground that would interest them. She went through great lengths to help get the kids the tools to learn. Mrs. G picked up part time jobs to help pay for the books that she could use to connect with her students. That right there speaks volumes. The average teacher will not do what she did to make sure her kids succeed.

Reflecting back on the issues that the teens were dealing with, it definitely makes the text book become more alive. Although I cannot relate to the teenagers family life, I can relate to the violence and gang activity. Majority of the students in the movie lived in the “projects” with a lack of parental supervision. Some of the students parents/siblings were in prison, for crimes that they personally committed or someone they were with committed. It is sad to say that those teenagers became a product of their environment. They were living in what they considered a war. They really did not have a choice to not become involved in criminal acts because that is all that surrounded them. For them it was either stay connected to their own kind, or be killed. This is extremely sad but that is the society that we live in.

When it comes to the kids growing up today, I am very hopeful for them. I believe that there is always for the youth. There are plenty of teachers that are just like Mrs. G. I believe the problem is, the lack of encouragement and positive energy that they are surrounded with outside of school is the issue. Teenagers that are fortunate to go to school where there is a teacher or positive role model in my eyes are closer to success than they think. All it takes in one person to cross their paths and their whole lives can be changed for the best. All they need to know is that somebody believes in them and knows that they can make it. So to sum it up yes I have a lot of hope for the youth in today’s society.

After I graduation, my goal to be a juvenile parole officer and a teacher in the Detention Centers. I plan on going to the urban cities and helping the teenagers that truly need some encouragement and guidance. When I was a teenager myself and in my young adulthood, I would to go to the detention centers and volunteer my time. I was not the smartest kid out of the bunch but I used to help the juveniles with their homework. Then is where I realized that these kids really are not bad kids. They are kids that just really need some attention. The majority of those teenagers grew up in the projects where their parents were nowhere around or they were working two jobs to provide for them. Due to the lack of guidance and parental advisor they got themselves caught up in illegal activity, with the wrong people. Or they joined gangs because they felt that nobody cared about them.

Then is when I realized that the only help that I wanted to become more involved with teenagers who have somehow lost hope or have found themselves in a bad spot. I want to take on the challenge of being the only minority in a room full of different ethnicities. I want to help guide these teenagers back on the right track. I feel as though, all they need to know is that they have somebody in their corner pushing them forward, and that has their back in the midst of hard times. I...
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