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Topics: The Diary of a Young Girl, Anne Frank, Otto Frank Pages: 3 (1053 words) Published: April 1, 2013
How Does It Feel to Be Different?
Imaging a world where you have to fight to survive. A world where you could die when you step out your house. A world that is full of hatred and racism. Racism runs through the city’s blood, thus, led to a high amount of street and gang violence. A world where being in school is the same as being on the street. Gang wars can broke out anywhere at any time. Eva Benitez was raise in a neighborhood simply to that.

Eva Benitez came from a family with a strong gang heritage. When she was younger, she witnessed her uncle got shot in a drive-by. Then she witnessed her dad got arrested in front of her for a crime supposedly he did not engage in, by white cops. She involved in the gang life at the age of eleven. That makes her the third generation in her family that is in a gang.

She has to choose between stay in a detention center or go to school, Eva chose to enroll as a freshman at Woodrow Wilson High School in Long Beach. She was place in Eric Gruwell’s English class. Like most of the students in the class, she does not care less what Ms. Gruwell said. Eva and most of the students usually skip class and brought back by an officer. They never get alone with each other or different races.

One day, Ms. Gruwell played a rap song in class and gets everyone’s tension up. Especially, Eva she screamed out and says that Ms. Gruwell does not know anything about them. Eva also states that she hate white people, because of her dad’s arrest. She said that white people could do whatever they want and whenever they want. One night, Eva, and a Cambodian refugee, Sindy, find themselves in the same convenience store. Another student, Grant Rice is frustrated at losing an arcade game and demands a refund from the owner. When he storms out, Eva's boyfriend attempts a drive-by shooting, accidentally killing Sindy's boyfriend. As Eva is a witness, she must testify at court; she intends to protect her own kind in her...
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