Freedom vs. Democracy

Topics: Religion, Mobile phone, Democracy Pages: 2 (675 words) Published: October 18, 2010
It is not a recent suggestion to say that freedom and democracy seem to be in conflict. The many different ways freedom and democracy seem disagree vary from person to person. In my role as a citizen I see these conflicts in everyday life through my family life, school, and the technology. A family is a form of democracy in itself. As a child or young adult we are governed by our parents. They provide the laws and decide on the appropriate punishment if we break these laws. There is not as much freedom while living in a parental governed household versus living in a politically governed country. As dependants we do not have as many freedoms as independent people. As children or young adults we tend to follow in our parents footsteps, that is to say they influence our decisions. The religious and political views they hold may influence our religious and political views in the present or later on in life. While living under the governing of our parents we are financially dependent on our parents. We need them to provide some means of income to pay for necessities such as a home, food and clothing. For this we admire our parents. Although there may not always be an agreement we respect our parents for governing us and being our leaders. School also governs our lives. Similar to our family life the teachers and other adults serve as our leaders. Some freedoms we may see in our country’s government such as freedom of speech and freedom of religion do not hold the same significance in an educational environment. In school speaking freely can be considered an insult to the teacher and can cause more harm than good. Religious views also cause some tension in schools. Many schools do not support religious views and teachers are prohibited from discussing the subject with a class. Unlike family life and schools technology enhances our freedom. Some more recent developments such as the television, the internet, computers and cell phones enhance our freedom but also...

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