Freedom: United States Constitution and Higher Ranking Soldiers

Topics: United States Constitution Pages: 2 (409 words) Published: February 27, 2014

What Freedom Means To Me

Freedom. What do you think when you hear the word freedom? Many might say freedom is a right to do anything without any repercussions. The freedom to speak, think ,and do whatever. As I think of freedom, I think of how and what America was originally founded upon. When I think of freedom I think of the soldiers who have risked and are risking their lives to ensure we sustain our rights , and to ensure protection upon America. Although freedom is in many senses good, we often stretch our limits and take advantage of the freedom in which we are given.

Honestly who is there to say we deserve the freedom we are given. When half if not more of American citizens do not even fight, nor support those who do fight. Those who do fight usually are under recognized. What about the veterans who served in the World Wars or who fought in the Vietnam and Korean wars? Do you hear about every soldier who got ill or got killed while serving their country? No, we mostly only hear about the higher ranking soldiers. Those soldiers whom in my opinion are “more important” in the eyes of government and social media. But in all reality all soldiers are in this for the same reason. That is to fight for their freedom.

In my opinion, our government is slowly “stripping” our constitutional rights a little at a time. Does this mean all people who are out fighting for freedom come back to have their rights tampered with? For example one of the most valued rights in my opinion, is the Second Amendment the “right to bare arms.” This is one of our constitutional rights ; “fiddled” with because people decide to kill others. Now the innocent people are being punished as well.

Although being a minor in America, most would say I cannot say much about my rights and freedom. We minors are not stupid. We have a better understanding of what goes on in the government and our country today, than we...
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