Freedom to Love

Topics: Marriage, Love, Arranged marriage Pages: 2 (535 words) Published: May 8, 2011
Freedom of Loving Who I Want Too
Short Paper 2
By Jessica Thomas

However, the freedom of love that I am referring to is being able to marry the person who you are truly in love with. What I mean by the freedom to love is you yourself being able to choose the person you fall in love with. There are religions that have arranged marriages but I feel that is another freedom for another discussion. Religions having arranged marriages don’t mean that those people will not love. However, I think that they learn to love the person they are to marry instead of falling in love with their lifelong partner. I am sure that some people see love as an emotion and not a freedom. I do to an extent agree because you can have love for anyone that you cross in your pathway of life. There are many freedoms that we have but there is one that is the most important to me is the freedom to love. If the freedom to love was taken away we might not be as diverse of a country as what we have come to today. If there were laws made and put into place saying that you had to marry within your own race there would be many broken homes and families around the world these days. The freedom to love is not as free for everyone as we think it is because of the religions that we have and due to the fact that not every state allows the marriage of gay and lesbians. I think if we lost this freedom and we all were told who we had to love and marry that there would be many unhappy people in this world. If a person has the freedom to love who they want then they can be the true person they truly are. For a person to be the real person they are deep down in their soul has a lot to do with the person they are in love with. Meaning, if a person is told who to love or who they are going to marry then the person is going to learn to become happy with their life as opposed to falling in love with who you choose. This freedom may not be very important to some people in this world but to me it...
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