Freedom of Speech Religion and to

Topics: Human rights, Separation of church and state, First Amendment to the United States Constitution Pages: 6 (1262 words) Published: November 20, 2014

Freedom of Speech, Religion, and to Petition
The First Amendment

Brenda Zarate

Brenda Zarate
U.S History
September 18, 2014
Period 4

There are 10 amendments in our bill of rights; they all serve for important purposes, but The first amendment; I’m going to discuss are freedom of speech, right to bear arms, limits power of the federal government, protects rights not enumerated in the constitution, protects prohibited bail excess, right to trial by jury, right to due process, prohibits forced quartering of soldiers, and prohibits unreasonable searches without warrant. These 10 amendments are what make the constitution work today.

The first amendment is the Freedom of religion, speech, and press which protects the right of assembles that was ratified in December of 1791. Back then, people had to like a certain religion in order to live somewhere. People couldn’t speak their opinion because they would get punished. People weren’t able to publish magazines, newspapers, or printed material without the governments concern. The congress couldn’t make a law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise of the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people to assemble, and to petition the government to equalize of grievance. The first amendment gave people the right to publish without the governments concern. The first amendment aids people to express their thought and beliefs freely. It allows the citizens to believe in any religion they please. Without this amendment, the government would have the power to establish a religion for the nation. The first amendment was created because the founding fathers believed that the people’s rights would not be threatened by the government. They wanted to ensure that religious freedom would be protected. Also, the first amendment was made to make sure the separation of church and state. They didn’t want the state to force a religion on citizens. The king of England rejected and ignored most of the protests and petitions of the citizens and tried to smother oppositional ideas to their rule. The colonist protested for a change in the taxes and also other laws. The Founding Fathers made the first amendment to make sure those citizens had the right to protest when things aren’t going as planned. The main purpose of this being ratified is because the Founding Fathers believed that people should have their basic rights or freedoms. People need these basic rights because those are the rights people are born with. Everyone in this world has ideas in which should be heard. The FF (Founding Fathers) wanted to ensure that religious freedom is established and protected. Freedom of speech is used today for the same reason, to ensure religious freedom and protect it. Today, the need to sustain and expand our forefathers’ experiment in liberty is more urgent because of the challenge of living with our deepest differences in a different and difficult society. The need to commit to these rights and responsibilities from the First Amendment has never been more serious, or more difficult. The ignorance and debate now surrounding the First Amendment threaten to divide the nation and weaken our freedom. Our freedom allows us to say what we believe without getting punished. Many people have ideas that deserve to be heard, you never know, it might change the world. This is important today because this affects all Americans on a daily basis. Most people don’t recognize it but it is used at least once daily. Many problems are occurring in the United Stated today regarding the first amendment. Universities are punishing students for foul language. They are forcing students to pay $25 for the first accusation and $50 for the second. Many could argue about this topic; however I believe that this is against the first amendment. We have the right to say whatever we please. There’s another situation regarding court, there’s a man that killed animals...

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